Two days in Ubatuba – Brazil

We had read about Ubatuba in an Argentine magazine and decided to give it a goAlthough it rains quite regularly,it remains a great beach destination having more than 70 beaches and amongst them, Praia do Felix as one of the most beautiful in Brazil.

We arrived in Ubatuba from Iguazu, and we were ready to immerse ourselves into the Brazilian culture. Just give us all those fruit juices! And yes, we will have an extra portion of açai :).

Praia do Felix in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Praia do Felix

For our first and only full day in Ubatuba, we decided to pay a visit to the famous Praia do Felix.

We took a bus from the town center and arrived at the beach in 30 min. Besides Bertrand being scared of the snakes – he saw these adds on the way to the beach (a 15-20min walk) saying how we should be careful – our time there was idyllic. The beach is beautiful, surround by the Atlantic rain forest, with clear water and fine sand. It’s quite small but this only adds to its charm.

Although there were quite a lot of people there, most of them stayed on one side of the beach, close to the food stalls and terraces. That left us with one good chunk of the beach almost for ourselves.

We sunbathe most of the day which resulted in a few sunburns :(, had some of those divine fruit juices, took pictures, and left the place feeling happy and grateful. 

Praia do Felix in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Praia do Felix in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Praia do Felix in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Praia do Felix in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Praia do Felix beach in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Praia do Felix in Ubatuba, Brazil.Photography by Bertrand Delvaux.


How and Where to

How to get there from Foz de Iguazu (Iguazu Falls): Flight from Iguazu to Sao Paulo, 70$ pp; Bus from the airport to the bus terminal in São Paulo, 42 reals pp; Bus from Sao Paulo to Ubatuba, 65.68 reals pp.

Where to stay: We stayed at Urban Suites and had a great time. It was clean, offered a great breakfast and was located close to the center. The price for two nights was 340 reals.

How to get to Praia do Felix: We took a bus from the center and the return trip was 6.90 reals pp.

Disclaimer: We were in Brazil in February 2016 so all the prices mentioned in this post were valid at that time.


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Discovering Ubatuba and one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia do Felix.


It’s worth visiting Ubatuba

You can find information about Ubatuba in Lonely Planet, magazines, and over the Internet. However, from the number of foreign tourists we saw, it is still a hidden gem. While there were definitely tourists, the majority of them were Brazilians. In conclusion, if Brazilians choose to go there, it must be worth it :).

Next stop: Paraty. Stay tuned! Until then, don’t forget to read about Rio de Janeiro, here.


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