Spring time in Alghero, Sardinia – Two days itinerary

I believe traveling is one of the best forms of therapy. I can truly “recover” from day to day life by leaving. Whether it’s six months in South America or a weekend in Copenhagen, traveling always takes my mind off of things and truly inspires me. This post is about that; the need to take a break, to leave, to discover, and to come back feeling refreshed with a clear mind and new ideas.

 Discovering Alghero, Sardinia.

Two days itinerary: Alghero & Capo Caccia

Day 1. Start your day with an Italian breakfast: Coffee and a croissant. After the caffeine kick, make your way to the town center with a first stop at the tourist information office for some recommendations.
Once you are all informed, slowly start your walk around the center. If you are an early bird, the streets will be empty so you can take all the photos you want :). The center is really beautiful, with its narrow cobbled streets, flowers hanging from almost every balcony, and the omnipresent pink bicycle motif (we were there a few days before Giro d’Italia began).
When you start feeling tired, stop at a terrace and grab a cappuccino. We were offered one by the owner of a terrace where we asked to take some pictures. In return, he wanted to take some pictures of me and maybe use them for promotion. Not sure I made a good deal there :).
At noon, grab a pizza at La Furat situated in the center. Try the truffle one, it’s heaven :). Follow lunch with a digestive walk by the sea and people watching, and if you have not had enough calories yet, get a gelato. It never disappoints.
End your day with an epic dinner at Al Vecchio Mulino. I loved everything about this place: the atmosphere, the service, the food, the wine, the prices.
Mini break in Alghero, Sardinia

Day 2. Wake up early to catch the bus to Capo Caccia, about 30min away from the town of Alghero. When arriving visit the cave or take a stroll using the same route the bus takes when heading back to town. Stop on the way to admire the view and take some sun. After 1h walking, you will reach Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte where you can either go for another trek, this time inside the park or wait for the bus back to Alghero. Disclaimer: the route back has parts that could be dangerous due to a limited walking path. Check the road before and be mindful of the cars.

Once back in Alghero, have lunch at the charming La Piadina del Pozzo in the center and indulge in a delicious piadina. Vegetarian and vegan options are available. Take a digestive walk by the marina and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at a terrace. Finish the day with a typical Sardinian dinner at trattoria La Saletta. You know you are in the right place when a restaurant is full of locals. After dinner, take one last stroll in the center before calling it a day.

 Photography by Bertrand Delvaux.
Discovering Sardinia, Italy.

Mini break in Alghero, Sardinia

Discovering Sardinia, Italy.
Discovering Sardinia, Italy.
Discovering Sardinia, Italy.

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