New Year’s Road Trip to Strasbourg and The Black Forest

Happy 2017! May this year bring you joy, laughter, and loads of travels of course:). We could safely say that 2016 was the year of travels and we could not have been happier to finish it with another trip. This time we spent New Year’s in Europe, briefly visiting lovely Strasbourg in France and enjoying the beauty of the Black Forest in Germany.


Road trip to Strasbourg and The Black Forest for New Years.

Road trip to Strasbourg and the Black Forest

Bertrand suggested that we go to the Black Forest in Germany for New Year’s. I had no idea what the place was about, but going away and spending the final hours of the year in the mountains seemed like a pretty good idea.

Since we were driving from Belgium and passing through Strasbourg, we thought about stopping for an afternoon in what is known as the Christmas capital. We missed the main attraction, the Christmas market, however, even without it, the city was stunning. We absolutely loved the architecture, the small streets with beautiful boutiques, the canals. It reminded me of Amsterdam, but more peaceful and romantic. Needless to say that we will go back. Probably in spring so we can take long walks along the canal, have a drink at a terrace and just take endless pictures. Watch this space!

After the time spent in Strasbourg, we made our way to the Black Forest and started getting really excited. The last time we had gone to the mountains was exactly a year ago when we discovered Patagonia, Argentina. The glaciers, the amazing views, the awesome trekking experiences, the memories :). Anyways, the Black Forest is not Patagonia but it’s beautiful and peaceful and was the perfect place to end the year.

Road trip to Strasbourg and The Black Forest for New Years.

Road trip to Strasbourg and The Black Forest for New Years.The small town of Sankt Bliesen in the Black Forest in Germany.

Last day of 2016 

Visiting the Black Forest was my second time in Germany, so I was only starting to discover the culture. One of the things I love about the german lifestyle are the spas. Since we like to immerse ourselves in the culture of the country we are visiting, Bertrand and I decided to spend the last day of the year swimming in a heated outdoor pool, enjoying the sauna, and seeing way too much nakedness :). 

We also took the time to visit the small town we stayed in, Sankt Blasien. We strolled a bit, hit the shops, had hot chocolate and pretzels, and froze. Yep, it was absolutely freezing outside so when I say we strolled, I mean we just walked between shops and cafe’s :).  

The small town of Sankt Bliesen in the Black Forest in Germany.

Happy 2017

We started 2016 in Valparaiso, Chile where we experienced the biggest fireworks show in South America. From there we went on to discover stunning places in Chile, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. So the first half of the year was packed with travels to some of the most beautiful places in the world. After the return to Europe and a short period of quietness, we went away again, on small city trips in Europe. We spent a bit of time in Romania, visiting Dracula’s castle, discovered my all time favorite city, Copenhagen and other short trips to Hamburg in Germany, and again Romania. Phew, we did a lot :).

Bertrand and I are thankful for all the travel opportunities we had in 2016, and we hope to continue at this rate for years to come :). We have super exciting travel plans for 2017, including a trip to Tanzania, and yes, we will climb Kilimanjaro. We have plenty more road trips planned too. There is nothing quite like seeing the sights from the comfort of your own car is there? Plus, we might be treating ourselves to a new car soon. A friend of ours from the US recently purchased a used car from Conklin Cars and has inspired us to upgrade our own vehicle. For now, cheers to 2016 and bring it on 2017. 


Photography by Bertrand Delvaux.


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