Winter Road Trip in Europe: Austria, Slovenia & Italy

New Year 2019 found us in lovely Piran also known as the Venice of Slovenia. This small and charming town was one of the five destinations in our European winter road trip that took us through Austria, Slovenia & Italy. This was certainly not a cheap trip but one I’m so glad we did. I think it’s important to fit travel into your yearly agenda and, while sometimes your budget might not stretch to cover your dream vacation, credit can certainly go a long way to help you get where you want to go – get a free report here.

Spring time in Alghero, Sardinia – Two days itinerary

I believe traveling is one of the best forms of therapy. I can truly “recover” from day to day life by leaving. Whether it’s six months in South America or a weekend in Copenhagen, traveling always takes my mind off of things and truly inspires me. This post is about that; the need to take a break, to leave, to discover, and to come back feeling refreshed with a clear mind and new ideas.