Seymour Norte Island Day Tour – Galapagos Islands

On our last full day in the Galapagos Islands, we took a day tour to Seymour Norte Island to see the adorable blue-footed boobies.  

I never thought of myself as an animal person, but after spending 14 days on the Galapagos Islands, I am now a changed woman :). Although I kept my distance, I found myself admiring the wildlife that makes the Galapagos Islands unique in the world. Seymour Norte makes no exception… 

Snorkeling and trekking on Isabela Island – Galapagos Islands

Isabela Island was my favorite island in the Galapagos. Less touristy than Santa Cruz, much more chilled, and I dare to say, more beautiful.

We went from sunbathing to trekking in the same afternoon, and I had my first snorkeling experience there. If we ever go back to the Galapagos Islands, Isabela will be my first choice. Those looking to travel to the islands should definitely consider going on galapagos tours and cruises.