Feeling Free – Hidden Gems Shop

This post is different from what you have been used to see here on the blog. I love to travel and would like to see the world, but it’s not my only passion. Fashion represents more for me than just clothes. It’s a way to express myself. And when expressing yourself verbally does not come as easy (simply because I’m not an outspoken person), speaking through your look is important. So this is not just about fabrics, textures, or shapes. It’s not even about brands. It’s about feeling confident, and feminine (in my case), and being ready to face the world.

Finding The Lost City (trek) – Colombia

After four days of trekking (44km) in the jungle, I was exhausted. The last day was especially difficult as it was the longest and most tiring one. The temperatures were high and so was the humidity. My feet were covered in blisters and my knees in pain. So, why all the effort? To discover The Lost City. Was it worth it? YES!